About us

With us, failure and poverty are unacceptable. As a family philosophy, we believe that if anyone within the family is lacking, we will be affected by their sense of lack. Therefore, the prosperity of ALL in our family is our advantage and we all MUST contribute our portions to everyone’s success story.

There are three (3) family trees in My Liberty Family. These are:

  1. MLF Jacob Tree™
  2. MLF Isaac Tree™
  3. MLF Abraham Tree™

You are welcome to MLF Jacob Tree™.


My Liberty Family™ is a real but virtual family founded by a group of men and women to improve social well being of all family members irrespective of their race, religion, location, gender and status.

As in conventional family structure, everyone has parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles and aunties, so it is with My Liberty Family™.  You have virtual parents, virtual siblings, virtual uncles and aunties in your family tree in My Liberty Family™ structure.

Our aim is very simple. We believe in spreading JOY and HAPPINESS by distributing WEALTH within the family equally.

Our business is to empower financially, every family member to create multiple streams of income thereby improving the quality of lives within the family.

We truly believe in the word LIBERTY- your right to live as you wish, go where you want to go.

MLF Jacob Tree™ Incentive Package

Ever thought of receive ₦700,000 or ₦1,400,000 on every single person that joins MLF Jacob Tree™ through you? Again, this is where My Liberty Family™ allows you to receive more in financial incentives. With more money, you can do big things and create better job opportunities for others.

In addition to what you are permitted to receive from your family tree members, you are generously positioned to receiving up to ₦1.4 Million on every one that joins the family through you.

Imagine if you are on the ₦10 Million support plan because you chose to “bear 3 fruits” by introducing 3 people, the system allows you to receive more in financial support on additional person you introduce. So think about 10 additional persons you may introduce to the Family Tree. That’s a whooping 10 times ₦1.4 Million = ₦14 million plus your initial potential ₦10 million in Support. You are on the path to receiving up to ₦24 million from the family support system.

Every system works according to what it is designed to produce. My Liberty Family™ is designed to redistribute wealth within the family and ensure every member has what he needs to do what he wants.

How To Introduce New Members

In our opinion, introducing someone to My Liberty Family™ should be the easiest thing to do. If there are people you care about, people that you love and wish well, friends, spouse, children, relatives, colleagues and even members of your church, mosque and social groups that you think having more financial and economic power would improve their lives, then, being members of My Liberty Family™ would be a good opportunity for them.

Again, imagine 50 of your colleagues joining My Liberty Family™ through you. Aside from helping them discover the potential possibility of membership, there’s no telling what you stand to gain as an individual.

There are existing Liberty Family members who are willing and waiting for your invitation to attend a seminar you may organize to help explain Membership Dynamics. There is no rocket science about My Liberty Family™ system. It is a Win Win family affair.

Poverty, Money or Wealth - which do you prefer?

Too many people think they are poor because they have no money. They are wrong.

Some others think they are rich because they have money. They are wrong too.

Poverty is not the absence of money nor riches the presence of money. Poverty is a state of the mind. This is why you can be given so much money and still become broke in the near future.

Same reason you can be broke now but with the right mindset, you can become rich and wealthy.

My Liberty Family is not a get rich quick family. We truly believe everyone can be rich and wealthy if they have the right mindset, the right education.

Our question to you is this. What would you do with it if you have N10 million credited to your account through the joint support of other members of My Liberty Family?

You Need Financial Education- Get it!

The Popular Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki defines Financial IQ as a measure of financial intelligence in an individual. The ability to see opportunities even in a bad situation, such as a recession or plummeting housing market.

He also describes the general life as Rat Race – The term for the financial situation of the masses. It describes a cycle in which a child excels in school, gets into a “good” college and earns a degree. As an adult, they find a secure, well-paying job with benefits and begin to save money. They get married, buy a house, have children, acquire debt and have increased expenses. They work hard for promotions and save for retirement, but as their income increases, their debts and expenses increase as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen, lets face it; there is something the truly rich know about money that the truly poor don’t know.The truly rich invest and spend from the returns on their investment.

The truly poor are consumers. They are spenders and don’t think about any form of investment. This is why they keep getting broke until they become permanently broke and in debt.
Asset for example is anything that you acquire that puts money into your pocket. Assets are what the rich use to generate wealth over time. They come in many forms, including real estate, businesses that don’t require you to work at them, and stocks and bonds etc.

Liability on the other hand is any acquisition which takes money out of your pocket. This is why many people consider owning a car as an asset but it is a liability. Owning a car without a form of investment that generates income is a liability.

Don’t be caught in the Rat Race Web. Join My Liberty Family today !


Now, Let’s Do Business Talk On Your Specific Business Interest!

finedMoney is not wealth but it is the beginning of Riches if well managed and used productively.

We have had the opportunity of asking a few people we know that have joined My Liberty Family an important question. Almost all of them didn’t seem to have a plan for the money they are expecting. By that we mean, they have no clue as per what business to put the money into. All we hear is I will buy this, I will buy that and I will sow seed. 😀😀😀😀😀😀

Again, remember the story of the prodigal son in the Bible.
He had more than enough money to start out in life but he eventually turned out to be a beggar. Money without a plan can lead to future poverty.

What would YOU invest this much on if N5m – N10 million is granted you in 7 months – 1 year? Don’t wait for you to see it before you start planning because you will get that much sooner or later than you can imagine.

And stop worrying about HOW, concern yourself with developing a plan to use the money to improve the quality of your own life. This is My Liberty Family. Real wealth is possible here.

And Nigeria – the land is GREEN

Other Incentives As a Family Member.

Do you realize you can build a business empire and become an employer of labour thereby improving the National GDP? If we all think about producing something, we can stop being a nation of consumers.

Your Liberty Family members can guide you on over 100 most profitable agricultural or other business ideas you can invest your money on. Other great business ideas advisory FREE service are available to you too.

Think about what you can produce and not what you will consume. The secret of success in business is to know what nobody else knows. What trade secret can you acquire? Act now!