It sounds too good to be true, please how will MLF give me ₦5 Million or ₦10 Million from ₦25000 ?

ANS: Yes, It sounds good to be true, but it is possible, just see it as several thousands of people contributing ₦3000 to you willingly.

Are there any other benefits I get from being a member aside the amount promised?

ANS: Read more about the incentives: Click Here

How do I register?

ANS: There are several ways of registering on My Liberty Family; you could either signup with your social media accounts or simply click on create an account. In the process of registration, a verification code will be sent to your phone number to continue your registration. Importantly, you will be required to indicate what line of business you intend to invest the financial support you received from the members of My Liberty Family.

Do I need to bring or refer anyone into the system to get the Money promised?

ANS: MLF recognizes the difficulty in convincing people to join “another MLM” because of their past experiences. This is why we have 2 options one of which states you don’t have to introduce anyone after signing up with #25,000. So this waythe system places you in a family tree and places people under you irrespective of how they joined My Liberty Family.

How does the system run?

ANS: This is a very smart question. Actually our system run indiscriminately, meaning that it treats members on a first come, first serve bases as it doesn’t insist that your downline must be under you. Every member stands the 100% chance of being treated equally.

Will the system not get stock without people at some point since the system depends on the enrollment of people?

ANS: That is only possible when people are no longer needing money to do anything.

Can I join My Liberty Family with multiple account numbers?

ANS: Yes, if you wish.

Can I use my personal details like phone number and email to register multiple accounts?

ANS:  Yes, If you wish.

Can I change my personal details like E-mail, phone number or account number?

ANS: Yes, you can edit your profile.