How You Get Financially Supported By Other Family Members

How You Get Financially Supported By Other Family Members

How You Get Financially Supported By Other Family Members

The placement system in the Family Tree is indiscriminate meaning that the system treats on first to pay, first to be placed basis.

If you are a “10 million Qualified Member” (Option 2), your Family ID is programmed to receive 3,000 from over 3,000 members to make 9,837,000 for you and then your code is deactivated from the system to avoid further income and allow others to benefit.

Remember, little drops of 3,000 will make an ocean of nearly 10 million for you in no time that will amaze you. This can be 3,000 in multiple times in a day.

If you are a “5 million Qualified Member” (Option 1), you are programmed to receive 1,530 from over 3,000 members each but your first 31 credit alerts from 31 Family Members, the system splits the 3,000 into two and you will receive 1,000 in 31 times after which from the 32nd credit alert, you will begin to receive 1,530 until it sums up to 5 million for you and then your Family ID is deactivated to disallow you from further financial support.

If you are a “10 million potential member” meaning that you chose option 2 but you are not yet qualified until 3 persons use your code to join the family tree, remember, you have 2 weeks to fulfill your 3 persons obligation from the day you make payment and placed in the Family Tree system.

Within this first 2 weeks, the system regards and treats you as a 5 million family member. The first 31 credit alerts that should come to you will be split into 2 as well and you will receive 1,000 x 31 times which could happen in a single day or one week. Whenever you fulfill the 3 persons obligation within the 2 weeks period, the sum of 2,000 will be multiplied by the number of times and you will be paid the lump sum plus additional incentive of N5,000 for introducing 3 people to qualify for the option 2.


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  1. Olusegun M. O.
    November 27, 2016 Reply

    The financial empowerment is unique from others I was opportune to be exposed to. Many find it difficult to believe the logic behind it initially. Now, they are embracing it. I only wish that Nigerians will be serious with the original vision of the Founder of the financial empowerment to become employers of labour and contribute to economic development and growth of Nigeria in this period of recession.

    • myliberty
      December 1, 2016 Reply

      Thank you. With more education, I believe they will.

  2. Bridget
    December 15, 2016 Reply

    Am still thinking on how 3,000 person will pay one person for how long will it take .because is so unrealistic

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