family-1When you choose to become a member of MLF Jacob Tree™, you would be asked to fulfill an obligation to seven (7) members of the virtual family tree that the system assigns you to.
These are:

  1. “Your e-Granny”
  2. “Your e-Uncle or e-Aunt”
  3. “Your e-Parents”
  4. “Your e-Cousin”
  5. “Your Virtual 1st Sibling”
  6. “Your Virtual 2nd Sibling”
  7. “The Virtual Baby of the Family”


family2And lastly, the Family Foundation which issues your Virtual Family Birth Code or Reference Number. From the foundation purse, there are incentives planned for family members to further strengthen their business and jobs creation aspirations. Also, your status in the family system signifies your Rank within the family structure.

And finally, you would be asked to select either of two options. Both carry different financial rewards.

Default Option: You join the family with the intention NOT to reproduce 3 of your kind. You may, eventually. The system allows you and helps you grow your family tree without much effort on your part aside from supporting certain family members with the specified amount. This option allows you to receive financial support up to ₦5 million from other family members. This can be within 3 months, 7 months, 1 year of your existence in the family tree. It could be much earlier or a little longer.

Option 2: You join the family with THE INTENTION to reproduce 3 of your kind within 2 weeks of your existence in the family structure. This option carries a lot of financial benefits to you. First, you receive financial INCENTIVE even at your first level of growth in the family structure.

Second, you are programmed to receive financial support up to ₦10 million from other family tree members. This can be within 7 months – 1 year of your membership. It could be earlier or a little longer.

NB: MLF Jacob Tree™ allows multiple membership of an individual and treats each uniquely and exclusive of the others.

What is Unique to the system is your Family ID. This means you can use the same bank account, same email, same phone number and even same name for multiple registrations.

Also, there are three Family Trees opened to all. This platform is MLF Jacob Tree™. Membership is ₦25,000

We also have:

MLF Isaac Tree™. Membership is ₦37,000 and

MLF Abraham Tree™. Membership is ₦47,000.

These 3 structures are opened to all under the same options 1 and 2 already specified above.

You can choose to belong in the three structures if you wish or start with one. The three run independent of the others and you are given separate Family ID.

The differences in the Trees are in the financial obligations required which of course imparted on the financial incentives entitled to.

If you are a member of MLF Isaac Tree™, you would need to support your immediate e-family members with a total of ₦37,000. What this does for you is to put you on the path to receiving up to potentially ₦40 million from the other members within the MLF Isaac Family Tree™.

MLF Abraham Tree™ is inspired by ₦47,000 for potential ₦50 million in total financial support.

These all may sound bogus but very possible by our design.

Why We Think You Should Consider Joining MLF Jacob Tree

  1. It is a one time financial obligation of ₦25,000 from you. You will keep receiving support from other family members even after you have forgotten about it. Your incentive can be up to ₦300,000 in a month and more especially from your fourth month.
  2. Depending on which option you choose, the minimum you can be in line for is about ₦5 million. This can be within 7 months to 1 year of your existence in the family. It could be earlier or a little longer
  3. There’s no way you will not receive anything because other family members too have obligation to support you.
  4. You may ask how is this possible? The best way to understand it is to see it as a family or social structure where every member contributes certain amount to other members thereby empowering themselves financially.
  5. What are the Risks? There are NO risks. The contribution is made directly to the individual members bank account through the Family Foundation website. What the Family foundation does is to ensure the smooth running of the system and that there are no defaults from anyone.