regWhen you decide to join My Liberty Family, MLF Jacob Tree™ (₦25,000), you would be required to provide some basic information that includes:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone Number
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Intended Business Area of Interest
  6. Your Bank Account and
  7. Your Preferred Option

Let’s quickly explain the available two (2) options to you and their implications.

Option 1 (Default Option): You do NOT intend to introduce three (3) persons to the platform.
Option 2: You intend to introduce three (3) persons to the platform.

If you chose option 2, the system gives you two (2) weeks from the date of your membership to fulfill this obligation. If you meet this obligation on or before the expiration of the two (2) weeks, you are potentially regarded as qualified for about ₦10 million (₦9,837,000) to be precise. However, once your registration is confirmed (within 24 hours of Joining the Family), you will be placed in a tree immediately, in line for potential financial support ever before you may have introduced the 3 persons. But the system places you on the default option (Option 1). This is a potential ₦5 million financial support to you till the end of the 2 weeks.
paymentIf you do not fulfill the 3 persons obligation in 2 weeks, you will remain in the default plan till you time out with about ₦5 million. If you meet that obligation, the system will reimburse you with what was due within the 2 weeks of being in the default option and you will continue to receive financial support up to ₦9,837,000 in total.

If you only introduced 1 or 2 persons before the 2 weeks expire, you will still remain in the default platform but the system rewards you with ₦1.4 million (cumulative) or ₦700, 000(cumulative) on each person depending on which option the person introduced also chooses. See how this works below.

Option 1 (Default Option) has somehow been explained above. With this option, you are not expected to do anything more than you already did which is to sign up with ₦25,000 to join the family system. The implication of this option is that even if you eventually introduce 3 persons before the end of 2 weeks, you would still not qualify for option 2, BUT you are rewarded the same way on every person you introduce either with ₦1.4 million (cumulative) or ₦700,000 (cumulative).


Our first kind of Incentive is only planned for qualified option 2 members only. This is how this incentive works.

For an option 2 member, when you introduce the required 3 persons within your first 2 weeks in the family system, you would have received ₦3,000 from each of them meaning you already have received ₦9,000 instantly and the system rewards you with ₦5,000 in addition to that. So in your first 2 weeks, you would have received ₦14,000 from your ₦25,000 participation amount.

Main Incentive For Everyone

Aside from the wealth of free business advisory services available to all members, the system rewards you on EVERYONE that uses your family reference code to join the MLF Jacob Family Tree™. If a person uses your code and qualifies as a ₦10 million member, the system rewards you on a weekly basis once your introduced person begins to receive financial support.

If someone uses your code and opts for ₦5 million, the system rewards you on a weekly basis once your introduced person begins to receive financial support.

There’s no limit to the number of persons that can use your Family ID

How To Support Your 'MLF Jacob Family Tree' Financially

There are 5 convenient ways of fulfilling your financial obligation to your immediate 7 family tree members without any stress. Please note that the funds go into the individual 7 members bank account and the family foundation account.

At the point of sign up to join the MLF Jacob Tree™, the system generates for you a unique Family ID number.  With this Family ID, it immediately indicates to you who your virtual lineage are in the MLF Jacob Tree™ and your ID is what you need to quote when fulfilling the financial obligation through:

On the verification page of our website, click on support the family.
Input your card detail to support the family .

On the verification page, click on support the family.

Select voucher option and input your voucher code.

Vouchers can be gotten from any of our accredited VCL listed on the website.